What are the differences of Wemark Protocol to other Stock Photography Platform?

This is one of the highly questioned topics on Wemark, which is a new blockchain project for the photographers to monetize their content. We will give you some reasons why it is different from the others.

Mode of payment powered by Blockchain technology

Wemark is the first company who ever built blockchain for payment methods for the users in the royalty sharing platform. Knowing the potential of digital currency in the market in the next few years to come, being engaged in blockchain especially Ethereum gives them a huge advantage to their competitors and they are giving the users more option to have a safe transaction with Wemark.

They have the mentors that also came from stock photography

Having a competition with other stock photography company is such a gamble for them. They are very smart to have them as mentors to assist to scale the business and because of the previous advantage that they have which is blockchain powered payments, the platform will be more better than Pixabay and we do not know if it is gonna happen but anything is possible by being surrounded by experts in the field.

High-level security

If you will look onto their team, you can see that they almost spent a decade to master their niche, and with a help also of what I had told before which is mentors from stock photography, the interface will be more durable to attacks.

Here is the thing, if you have a mentor that has already established an internal system or an internal system that is very successful, most likely you will get also that is called “mentor virus” that you can have the information and make it better than them.

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Join the ICO Today at https://www.wemark.com
Read whitepaper : https://www.wemark.com/whitepaper
Wemark TGE: https://tge.wemark.com/
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Telegram Channel: https://t.me/wemark

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