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Wemark is a blockchain based platform that is dedicated for the persons who love to take photos and pursuing what they love, which is photography and to have a living out of it.

If you did not research a lot about Wemark, there have 3 Seed Investors. They have Sarona Ventures on their side, Nfx, and ELEVATOR. Having a seed investor is needed so that there will be a backup plan if things did not come expectedly as they planned.

As of now, there are no bad reviews being thrown into the new platform, and a lot of investors are looking forward to being part of Wemark. The minimum ETH that you need to impart is 15 ETH, and they will look forward if they will make you a part of the team.

Looking on to their website, it seems that they do not lack anything and they place all the necessary details especially for the investors who are willing to try and see how it works. It is very important for those startup companies to be clear on what they are striving and looking forward to do to have investors coming in and that’s what Wemark had done into their website.

On the other side, they also have the best mentors in town. The make sure that they got an advisor that has an expertise related to what they are marketing as of now. Imagine, Forbes, Director of Google, and highest ranking officials of Shutterstock are supporting Wemark?

It is more like you as a car, and you can see Titans are pushing you and stirring your wheels so that you can go high speed.

What are your thoughts? Make sure to grab your tokens until August 7. Make sure to leave your comments below!

Join the ICO Today at https://www.wemark.com
Read whitepaper : https://www.wemark.com/whitepaper
Wemark TGE: https://tge.wemark.com/
Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3347524.new#new
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/wemark

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