One of the most popular industries in our Country is Travel. In the Philippines, we have almost 25 million people going in and going out of the country every year. Tourists who have visited the country have stayed up to 5 days for vacation. Aside from that, first-time tourists can be easily guided in the Philippines. We have a lot of tour guides that are willing to help the person who is in need. However, traveling is a little bit expensive. You can waste a lot of money if your destination isn’t fit with your budget. Today, I am presenting to you a startup project that aims to build a decentralized fair-share travel ecosystem wherein any individuals can earn from traveling on WEGOGO Platform.

What is WeGoGo?

WEGOGO is a Singapore-based travel company with offices in China. The WeGOGO app is one of the most sought-after travel apps. It can be downloaded to your IOS devices. The platform focuses on providing first-class mobile-experience for outbound Chinese Travelers to any point of South East Asian destinations. Not only that, the app has achieved over 5,000 transactions and collected over 400 local activities, tours, attractions and events in 10 island destination. Interesting right? This company has already existing application in real-life. The main objective of this project is to integrate their platform into blockchain technology. We all know for the fact that, blockchain can change how business works. They help a business grow by making complicated things to simple. Blockchain technology also gives security and transparency for any transactions in the business. Hence, the WeGOGO team decided to create a token that can be utilized in the platform.

What is WeGold Token?

The Wegold platform allows its users to earn Wegold tokens. This token will be used to reward different activities on the platform. Users can earn tokens by traveling, discovering new travel activities, creating and sharing content, delivering aspirational services, protecting heritage and culture, supporting eco-friendly travel and growing the community. Aside from that, users who keep using the platform will receive loyalty rewards. This is done in order to encourage the use and adoption of the travel ecosystem. WeGold token will also help future travel projects of NGO’s and governmental bodies. Thus, making the travel industries alive and promote the growth of an economy.

WeGold ICO Details

The token symbol for the Wegold Token is WGD. This ERC-20 token is based on Ethereum platform. There will be a total of 10,000,000,000 tokens to be created and each token will be 0.037 USD. There is no soft cap stated in their whitepaper, however, the hard cap of the project is set to $88 million. Right now, WeGold is conducting their public sale and it will end on July 28. If you want to participate in the Project you use ethereum to pay for the tokens. There is a minimum purchase and is valued at 0.20 ETH.

Do you recommend Investing in this ICO?

I believe that this project is really worth your time, money and effort. Behind the project is a team of professional. Upon checking the profiles of the team members, All I can say that project is feasible and I think It will also overdeliver.

BountyHive Username: smartuser
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/wegogotravel/
Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/WeGoldToken
Telegram: https://t.me/wegoldbywegogo
Whitepaper: https://wegold.io/Resources/Files/Whitepaper%20-%20English.pdf

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