: Empowering E-commerce using Blockchain Technology

E-commerce has changed the way we purchase products and services. Through the use of it, we can pay the goods online and have our item delivered to our home. However, There are things that meddle the e-commerce industry. One of them is the overpricing of items and inclusion of higher fees. Aside from that consumers/buyers have less security resulting in data breaches. This includes your phone number, credit card numbers, and even your login details. is a project that helps its users to solve the current problem in E-commerce.

What is

Vanig is an online platform that empowers the e-commerce industry through the use of blockchain. It enables its users to transact smoothly in their supply chain ecosystem. This supply chain ecosystem involves the storage and delivery of products to the consumers. As a matter of fact, the vanig platform will also remove the intermediaries involved in every e-commerce transaction. Thus, giving its buyers fewer fees and making its sellers have more profit. The idea of this project to change the online shopping experience relies on the integration of artificial intelligence.

What is the operating platform of Vanig?

Vanig will operate under the Hyperledger Sawtooth technology. According to, this is a modular platform that allows you to build, deploy and run distributed ledgers. Distributed ledgers provide a digital record (such as asset ownership) that is maintained without a central authority or implementation.

Here are the real world examples of hyper ledger sawtooth technology.

Vanig MarketPlace MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

What I like most about this project is that they already have an MVP or Prototype. It means that the project developers are really serious in delivering this project to a whole new level. Here is the look at the MVP.

When the project is finished;

Users will be able to purchase products using vanig tokens, or thru crypto and fiat. Not only that, users can browse the product according to user requirements. Buyers with access to the marketplace can also track where the item came from. They are also incentivized with tokens for every purchase in the marketplace.

Who are the members of this Project?

The project is composed of a team of professionals with experience in the e-commerce industry. For this project to be able to push through the limits, the executive seeks the help of advisors.

Here are the executive team and advisors.

Vanig ICO Details

In order to build a platform for e-commerce, vanig will conduct an initial coin offering to start funding the project. The proceeds will be used in project development, marketing campaign, and partnership deals. Vanig token is therefore created and will be used in the marketplace.

Here the important details about the token sale and the private sale

*All the unsold tokens will be burned. Tokens allocated to the team and advisors will be held for a certain period.

Do you recommend Investing in this ICO?

I believe that this project will be worth investing.  In the long term, many people will still use e-commerce industry in order to fulfill their shopping experiences. This will make the value of the token to be stable. This continuous advancement in technology will be the key to success of this project.

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