Vanig ICO: Choosing the Right E-commerce Platform

There are many e-commerce platforms in the world. We have Shopify, Magento,woo-commerce and even big names like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. These platforms make it easy for us to shop online because it allows us to choose products based on different categories.  It also allows us to pay the product by using either your credit cards, PayPal account or even debit cards. However, there is always a risk in using them because the information they collect from us may be used in an unethical manner. Example, the data can be sold to a third party in which our privacy will be invaded. There is also a risk of our data being breach or hack because these data are stored in a single server. Now that I have eradicated the problems in our current e-commerce situation, there should be a substitute or a better e-commerce platform for everyone. Introducing, Vanig E-commerce Platform.

Why choose Vanig Platform?

1. The Website Looks is very professional

Yes, you can define that a website will do good if they are looking professional as well as curated by web developers. This means that people will start noticing your website if it has proven to be worthy of basing from the looks.

2. The website is using SSL connection

Vanig platform offers you a secured socket layer protocol. Meaning, any information you sent in this website is kept private and securely.

3. Vanig Platform is here to grow

Vanig Platform is a decentralized e-commerce platform that is powered by blockchain technology. It allows its users to shop securely and confidently. How? By integrating blockchain into the Vanig e-commerce platform, the transactions are recorded into smart contracts and it is stored in distributed manners. Meaning all the information will be kept safe as the data is stored across the network. Not only that, the platform also allows you to pay for products, goods, and services using the Vanig tokens.

The Vanig token is the standard currency of the platform. It can be acquired by buying the tokens during the Initial coin offering of Vanig. This token is also used for rewarding the users of the platform. Not only that, these tokens can be exchanged into fiat or to another cryptocurrency inside the platform. The main goal of this platform is to reduce the fees for every transaction and to provide transparent information to the users. On the other hand, you can track and trace your purchased item in real-time. Isn’t it amazing? There is also a prototype of the platform and you can access it through the following link –


Vanig Platform is really one of kind. It clearly shows that this project is well planned. From the team members to the advisors, I only see success ahead. The Vanig Platform brings solutions to the real-life problem of e-commerce. Don’t miss this opportunity! Start Participating their Token Sale!

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