ThinkCoin ICO: Powering CryptoCurrency Trading

Nowadays, cryptocurrency is a very popular topic in social media. Why? because cryptocurrency can change the way we pay our goods and services. Cryptocurrency is also known as a digital cash too in which people can pay goods securely through the use of Blockchain. Just like in ThinkCoin; this digital token empowers digital currency trading, forex, shares, commodities, and other financial products.

What is ThinkCoin?

ThinkCoin (TCO) is the digital token that is utilized in TradeConnect network. By getting this token you will be able to use the Tradeconnect network. These tokens will be used as a fee for transactions made in the network. Not only that it can also be used as an incentive for traders inside the system.  Thinkcoin also allows you to trade different cryptocurrencies offered on the platform.  The value of the trade is stored securely in Ethereum Smart contract and is released directly into the participants’ wallet after the trade was confirmed.

How do Tradeconnect works?

The Tradeconnect network will remove the intermediaries in trading. It also allows you to save time money and effort because all trading needs are already inside the system. It uses artificial intelligence to match current trading conditions. Aside from that, you can interchange FIAT to TCO token. You just need to pay for Connect fee in order to use it. These fees are paid using the TCO token. TCO tokens are used for maintenance and ongoing development of the Project.

What problem does the Tradeconnect Network Solve?

#1 Tradeconnect will solve the current problem of the financial markets.

Global asset prices are impacted because they are dominated by the banks and financial institutions. Meaning, the current financial markets, lacks transparency.

#2 Trading takes days and confirmation of the trades too. 

With the use of blockchain technology, settlement of trades can be performed within seconds-to minute transactions.

#3 You can only trade few assets,

In using trade connect, you will be able to choose which trading pairs can be traded. You can trade your BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies too. Thus this solves the problem for flexibility and scalability.

ThinkCoin ICO Details

In order for this project to run, the tradeconnect network will conduct an initial coin offering. A token shall be created to be used in the trading platform. The official token symbol for ThinkCoin is TCO.  Each token will be sold for 0.30 USD during PRE-ICO and ICO. Note that only 60%(300,000,000)  of the total token supply will be available for purchase. The Token sale stages will give you about 22-45% bonus.  In addition to these stages, 1% of the tokens will be allocated for bounties during the token sale. 15% of the tokens will be reserved for the management, employees, and advisors. The Final 25% will be used for future development and liquidity funds for big market players.

Do you Recommend Investing in the Project?

If you were to ask me, I will definitely invest in the project; because the cryptocurrency markets can give you lucrative returns. The team behind this project are all professionals and have a good background in trading. Don’t miss the opportunity! Join the ICO now

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