Take a tour at Vanig.io: First E-commerce startup with a use of Blockchain

I am sure a lot of you are tired of this blockchain platforms and it is really hard to choose where to invest the money for the digital world, the world full of cryptocurrencies, the world wherein all of the transactions are easily processed with a use of internet and technology. Let’s take a look on Vanig.io, blockchain powered e-commerce platform.

Big problems solved

A lot of people nowadays are experiencing fraudulent acts, scams etc. Furthermore, these bad guys are much bigger than before especially the transition of our world today is paying payments online, buying using a credit card online, all money is coming in and out online. It is harder for them to track especially you do not see them face to face, and that is how Vanig.io comes in.

Vanig.Io eliminates middlemen because they tend to make things harder. It is also pricey because of the transactions, the chains of the process and a lot of people are taking the risk because they want to make sure that there will be no problem in having orders online. Once the middlemen have been reduced, the product will become cheaper for you.

They are also making solutions to the long methods of payment, which has been a problem for many of us these days. If you can see, if you transfer the money like for example, Paypal to your bank account, it will take you around 3 to 5 days, and sometimes much slower especially if it is weekends. Vanig.Io wants to make sure that the payment vice versa will be transferred as fast as a speed of light with a use of VANIG tokens.


The problem why the product is slow because the money is slow as well, but as long as they got the money to produce it, there is no reason that they will also be slower. One more problem that they have is the lack of data and information about the materials that they use. We do not know that the price is low because the materials are substandard, or the price is high because the materials are good as new. That is why Vanig creates a solution wherein all the necessary details that the user need will be seen on the platform itself.

VANIG Marketplace

A lot of blockchain startups have this kind of system, wherein the user has the freedom to choose what they want. The difference of VANIG to other competitors is that they have a feature for e-commerce. We all know that e-commerce is one of the best places on the internet for you to make money, make millions amount of cash. The platform wants to help the users as well as the sellers to create a new world wherein they will be not much problem in transactions

The prices that are also indicated on the platform is cheap and they have a lot of sales, so that the users will just check in and look for what they want. VANIG.io said in their platform that “Prices that are hard to resist” and it is really irresistible!

One more feature is they have Verified Sellers and Reviews so that the user will be more peaceful when buying their order online. They will know that these people and these reviews are carefully passed on the VANIG team and not just because it is good but to make sure that the platform will be efficient to use in the next years or decades to come.


VANIG is one of the best blockchain companies to launch and they really have a strong platform. Imagine, they penetrated the e-commerce industry and they also have the best of the best partners that will help them execute the plan really well.

The presale of VANIG token will start in 7 days, why don’t you try it. Always invest for the future, not on temporary things.

For more info visit the following
Whitepaper: https://vanig.io/latest-whitepaper
BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3252952
Telegram: https://t.me/VanigPlatform
Twitter: https://twitter.com/vanigplatform

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