Slotomania Free Coins Secret Revealed

Slotomania free coins are rarely given for free in facebook. It is one of the most played slots game in facebook with significantly more than 15M followers. In slotomania, free coins is one of the most discussed term in Slotomania. Many People like playing slot machines games but they really don’t want to spend the real money. In slotomania, it allows you to play the game for free.  As the player wins and rank is increased,new games are opened to play. Every player also gets new levels. Here is the link to get slotomania free coins – >

slotomania free coins
The way to begin playing Slotomania?

Just head to Slotomania standard site on Facebook.Each user needs to need to generate a brand new accounts on Slotomania. Current email address can be used and user chooses a password and also hints for this particular match. You then only need to tap on the twist after which each twist stops and shows you after other to demonstrate that if this is just a win or lose. Consecutive symbols emerging later twists discontinue results in a triumph. Game is played with making bets by employing slotomania coins.

Slotomania Free coins

Here are some tips to get free slotomania coins. Whenever you get bankrupt in Slotomania and don’t have coins to spin and play just follow these tips and get free slotomania coins.

  • Slotomania free coins Bonus Page:

Slotmania free coins is obtained by following slotomania free coins bonus page created by our site. This page is a network of Slotomania players who share coins with each other. This page guarantees that every time your login to this page you get free slotomania coins and gifts.

  • Slotomania free gifts:

Slotomania free bonus gifts are also sent to the players. The gifts include value of prizes free slotomania coins and gifts according to the level of the player. If a player has high level, he can get much more coins than a player with less experience and level. Slotomania gift expires in 3 days so you must open and accept the gift within 3 days.

  • Increase Bonus Multipliers:

Multipliers are set according to the level of the player. Bronze gets X1, Silver gets X5 and Gold gets X15 coins and spins. Each player starts with a bronze level and as the experience of a player increases the status of player is increased. So,Increase the status to increase the level and Increasethe level to get more free slotomania coins.

  • Collect gifts sent by friends on same day:

If some player or friend sends you a gift on slotomania then open it up before that player sends a new gift. If you don’t open the gift and your friend sends a new gift, then you receive the gift only once. So try to check the slotomania gifts every day and get free slotomania coins on every gift you receive. You can send and receive one gift to and from a friend in 24 hours.

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