SGAMEPRO ICO Review: First Mobile Game Aggregator

What’s up Everbody? How are you today? Are you excited about my latest review on SGAMEPRO ICO? If yes, don’t go away because what I’m going to tell you is a lucrative project. Why? This ICO focuses on building a blockchain based mobile game aggregator. The gaming industry has been one of the gems of a nation, it provides innovation as well as further future researches. We all know for the fact there are many ICOs claiming for a successful project but they aren’t keeping their promises. Here at SGAMEPRO ICO, you will be fascinated by its Ecosystem. Let’s take a deeper look at the ICO perspective.


SGAMEPRO is the first mobile game aggregator built-in blockchain technology. When we say blockchain, it deals with faster transaction speed, lower fees, higher security and a more transparent ecosystem. SGAMEPRO aims to provide users to mine crypto tokens by just playing worlds most popular mobile game. That’s very interesting, right? With this concept arising from the platform, there will be more gamers who can share their feedback on the game they are playing. Publishers will have the option to reward SGAMEPRO tokens to the selected gamers as well as they can also promote their games to different users. Do you know about PEWDIEPIE? He is the most Popular Youtuber in the Gaming industry. He is also an influencer for the SGAMEPRO ICO. With that idea, are you not convince joining in this platform? Let’s take a clearer look at the SGAMEPRO Benefits.

Benefits of using SGAMEPRO


Gamers can earn free tokens by just playing games. Gamers are also rewarded for a live streaming session of their gaming.  They can claim their acquired SGM tokens in the SGAMEPRO wallet.

For Publishers

As I have said, the publishers can reward the gamers with SGM tokens. Publishers can acquire feedbacks from gamers and turn them into a better gameplay experience as well as more game development concepts.

For Influencers

Influencers get the chance to monetize their followers with the SGAMEPRO referral system. Influencers are paid with SGM tokens by just referring friends,co-gamers as well as their followers.

For Merchants

Merchants have the chance to promote their products online using the SGAMEPRO marketplace and the Special Offers Section.

Now that you noticed about the Benefits of using the platform, Let’s take a look on the Token SALE of the PROJECT


There will be a total of 350,000,000 SGM tokens to be created. During the Private sale, 139,500,000 tokens will be available for purchase and take note that can use Ethereum to contribute to the platform. Remaining tokens will be allocated for SGM Liquidity Reserve, Issuer, Advisors and founders as well as for bounties and airdrops.  Not only that, They will be having their public sale at the end of July 2018. If you wish to join the project, you should be whitelisted and you need to fill up the KYC in order to participate in the token sale.


Based on the abovementioned, I believe SGAMEPRO will deliver astonishing results in the field of gaming. They will be acquiring lots of gamers for their working market plan. The team members and advisors are also commended for bringing up the first mobile game aggregator. Aside from that, this project is endorsed by PEWDIEPIE which I think makes the project stronger.  Don’t Miss this project! Join the ICO Today!

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