Productivist : Most-Promising Manufacturing Industry ICO Review

Productivist aims to build a decentralized platform for the manufacturing industry. This industry gives us economic growth and welfare. Many companies believe that having a blockchain technology for this industry will reveal more opportunity, less cost, and low risk investment.  That’s why the productivist project was born.

How does Productivist Ecosystem Work?

The ecosystem will utilize PROD tokens. This token allows you to buy or sell goods and services inside the platform. As a matter of fact, prod tokens can be exchanged into fiat. Through this, consumers and manufacturers can easily save their time and money.  The manufacturers are also rewarded with tokens when they signed up their products in the ecosystem. The productivist ecosystem will give you real-time statistics and notifications regarding about your product being sold. Not only that, It will also help you track your expenses and profit upon using the platform.



Why Use Productivist Project?

Manufacturers who accept Prod tokens will are highly prioritized in the platform.  On the other hand, all clients on the Productivist platform have the ability to buy smart manufacturing, modeling, and designs as well as consultation services. The decentralized ecosystem of Productivist makes it low-cost for all users.  Clients of various products will have a chance to cut their expenses in outsourcing since everything they require will be done inside the ecosystem. Manufacturers also get the chance to develop their own DAPPS upon using the ECOSYSTEM. The project will give a boost to the manufacturing industries as well as in e-commerce. This project shows that you can combine both improvements in a single ecosystem.

Productivist ICO Details

Pre-ICO Price1 PROD = 0.065 EUR
ICO Price1 PROD = 0.10 EUR
Minimum investment
Soft Cap2,000,000 EUR
Hard Cap20,000,000 EUR
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted CountriesUSA

The pre-ICO stage started May 21st, 2018 and it ended on the 15th of May in 2018. During the presale, there is a 35% discount and you can get 1 PROD token for 0.65 EUR. The public Token sale started May 16, 2018, and will be divided into 4 Rounds. The Public token sale will end July 31st.

A total of 385,000,000 Million tokens will be created. 67% of the total token supply will be for the ICO and Token holders; 17.3% for the Foundation; 16% for the Founders and 5% will be allocated in for the bounty campaign. All unsold tokens are burned after the ICO.

Do you Recommend Investing in the ICO?

Absolutely Yes! The project is one in a million, Well, I mean that this ICO is very feasible. The manufacturing industry has been very profitable lately and with its market, there will be a lot of companies investing at this productivist ICO too. I hope that their roadmap and all the details on the site will be reliable. Participation for the Ico will be highly recommended. Productivist without a doubt can fit companies with a manufacturing business.   Indeed, you must not miss this opportunity if you are in such a business.  Join Productivist ICO here –

Always remember that whenever you invest in an ICO you should read the projects Whitepaper. In their whitepaper, you can find all the useful information and also the limit or cap of a project. Always invest what you can afford to lose. We are not financial Advisors.

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