PAVO ICO Review: Empowering the AgriTech using Blockchain

One of the most undervalued industry in the world is the Agriculture. Many people tend to forget that this industry keeps us alive and kicking. Why? because the fruits, vegetables, and grains that we eat are products of agriculture. Imagine if our diet doesn’t include vegetables and fruits; we would be prone to sickness and different kind of disease. That’s the reason why I am here to introduce you the most sought after blockchain project in Agriculture. We call it PAVO.

What is PAVO?

PAVO aims to empower the agricultural industry by making the lives of farmers easier. It helps every food you eat to taste better as well as making high-quality food for everyone. Pavo makes it possible because it uses blockchain technology. Blockchain allows the farmers and customers to connect with the pavo ecosystem. Pavo uses advanced analytics to produce high-quality crops and makes it possible to grow them in number. Thus, making each food on the table to be healthy and safe to consume. In order to create an ecosystem for this project, the PAVO coin is introduced. This PAVO Coin will be used by consumers as a payment for food directly from the farmers. It is also used by Used by farmers to presell their crops, with a custom smart forward contract. Not only that, it also serves as the heart of the pavo ecosystem. The Pavocoin will be the standard payment for all transactions inside the PAVO ECOSYSTEM.

Why Choose PAVO ICO?

There are many ICOs out there and yet they are all copycats of each other. However, this PAVO ICO is different because it gives a realistic solution to every agricultural problem. They will do it by incorporating AgTech researchers and skilled professionals specializing in the farming industry. Aside from that, this ICO received high ratings from different ICO rating Agencies. This means that the project is really useful for all.


The proceeds of the project will be used in the following 1) Partnership deals, 2) Development of the Ecosystem 3) Future Researches and Development. There will be a total of 200,000,000 Pavo Tokens to be created. Each token will be sold for 1 USD during the Public Sale. The public sale will start in August 7, 2018 and it will end on September 15, 2018. During the sale, 60,000,000 tokens will be available for purchase. You can use USD, EURO, CHF, BTC, ETH and many more to contribute to the project.

Do you recommend investing in this ICO?

I believe this ICO is worth investing as this help not only the farmers but also consumers to obtain high-quality foods. In return, we will be having a safe meal at our table. Thus, helping us to achieve a healthy body. Don’t miss this opportunity! Start Investing in this project today!

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