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The blockchain technology has been rampant nowadays and there are a lot of things happening and it is hard to distinguish which is the more legitimate one or a scam. However, Online.IO is different. This is the website wherein you cannot see any advertisements. Many owners as of today are combining their sites with an advertisement, as a monetization option just in case that their earnings are not enough.

Online.IO knows the struggle of every user tearing down every single advertisement they visit on each website every day. Because of that, they created an environment wherein the users will have a peace of mind every time they are exploring the platform.

The difference in other Competitors

Almost all of the websites of other ICOs have advertisements. Some of them are not well placed and some of them are following the Google guidelines. However, even though the advertisements are in a good place, we cannot deny the fact that we still find it annoying to see every time we are exploring the website. Online.IO is very proud of that because they are focusing on the people using the website to make more money not on their side making money on their people.

That is why a lot of people are really hooked into this especially if the upcoming plans for it are already complete.

As of now, they have already raised more than 12 million dollars and in the upcoming token sale, they are expecting to have a higher raise. A lot of investors are also looking forward to working with them especially that the whitepaper placed on their website with 4 different languages to read is well presented. For a normal people that have small money in their wallets, this is one of the best time for them to put their money into something that will bloom in the future. They are offering $0. 04 per token and remember, Bitcoin started almost in this price range and look at them right now. BTC is the leading cryptocurrency and a lot of people received a lot of benefits because they took risks.


Last year, a lot of people are starting to get interested in cryptocurrency. After the break of Bitcoin in the current markets, even the biggest companies begin to invest millions of dollars in different cryptos including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc. Furthermore, after the rise of cryptocurrency is the rise also of the scam cryptos on the internet. That is why a lot of people still has that fear to invest because the definition that all the transactions are digital, the moment that the website or the program goes down, they will have no ability to find them again. Even though there are some traces on the internet that the professional security employees have, it is really risky.

That is why the people should look on the website of every rising ICOs and make sure that it looks professional. I recommend this project for it has a good use case and a product that is ready for everyone.

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