Noiz Chain Ad Network ICO Review: First Decentralized Cognitive Network

The advertising industry has helped a lot of business to grow. Why? because it can boost sales, site visits and engagements which in turn lead to more revenue. Noiz Ad network is a new project that aims to re-engineer the advertising industry by using AI and Blockchain.

What are the problems that Noiz Ad Network can solve?

Nowadays, banks and other institutions, have a huge influence in advertising. Consumer information such as name, address, and credit card numbers are repeatedly sold into them. Imagine the data breach scandal on facebook. These data are used in the last presidential election in the US.  These means that consumer information is invaded and monopolized by centralized ad exchanges.

On the other hand, publishers who are showing fake content continue to earn their revenue. Noiz ad Network will utilize `Articifical intelligence and machine learning computing in order to detect this behavior from them.

Another problem that Noiz Ad Network wanted to solve is that the current digital advertising only accepts payment from fiat. Now that we have this project, integration of cryptocurrency payments will be introduced.

Noiz Ad Network Overview

Noiz Ad Network allows its user to use a decentralized platform for online advertising. Through the platform, advertisers can easily access varieties of tools that will take their marketing campaign to the next level. It also uses artificial intelligence to create a hybrid proof of engagement. Thus, making your advertising needs more effective and profitable.

As a matter of fact, Noiz Ad will bring back transparency in advertising space and control to the consumers.

Noiz Ad Network Features

Cognitive Banners for Better Engagement
Known as nikola, is a banner ad that is powered by artificial intelligence. This feature produces a more engaging banner ad and gives advertisers access directly. All the interactions in the ads will be recorded in the blockchain.

P2P Ad Exchange
The advertisers and publishers can interact using the platform. It allows them to simultaneously buy/sell ad inventory. Users of the platform can also report advertiser for fraudulent activities such us fake news and plagiarized content.

Automatic Airdrop and Rewards Wallet
The NOIZ wallet can receive cryptocurrencies and reward points. It can be redeemed through partners of NOIZ Ad network

Permission Privacy protection
Users of the platform have complete control over their privacy. As a matter of fact, users who shared their data within the platform will be rewarded with NOIZ token


Noiz Ad Network is comprised of professionals with experience in digital marketing. This would mean that there is a solid foundation for the project.
Here are the team members and the advisors of the project.

Noiz Ad Network ICO Details

The pre-ico will start in June 15-July15 2018. If I were you, you should take this opportunity to buy as many tokens as you can. During this period you will receive additional tokens.
The Main token sale will be held July 15-August 15 2018.

Token SymbolNOIZ
Pre-ICO Price
ICO Price
1 NOIZ = 0.1875 USD
1 NOIZ = 0.25 USD
Accepting/Payment method for contributionETH
Minimum investment100 USD
Soft Cap15,000 ETH
Hard Cap60,000 ETH

Do you recommend Investing in the Project?

I believe that this project will bring good results as the core members are all veterans in the field of advertising. Aside from that, we can conclude that this project has a lot of solution to the current problems of the advertising industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to join this project! You can read the whitepaper here

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