Media Protocol: Newest Money Making Platform in the World

Are you thinking about how this thing works? Are you also thinking that is just a troll party? Don’t worry, we will explain to you how this thing different from other systems

  1. FYG [ Facebook, Youtube, Google all in one]

If you will see on the information stated in their website, MEDIA Protocol turns all of the content you can see on the internet into a smart and unique URL. This uniform resource locator or mostly known as web address is the one that is being loaded up by the brands and publishers who is happy on the platform. After the successful transaction, it will convert as a token and when you are reading also or streaming videos, you are also get paid.

See? You are enjoying watching videos whether it is a 9gag or something funny moments and you are getting money. You are also reading contents especially news to know what is happening in your country and you are getting money. Not only you are being updated in the latest trends and news, your bank is also updated every time you repeat it in their platform.

  1. New generation native advertising

If you know Google Adsense or MGID, they are paying CPCs and RPMs, right? But do you really enjoy what you are doing everytime you create a content and you will be sad to see these low impressions and low conversions of money? Here in Media Protocol, they have a high-quality model that distributes the statistics of publishers and consumers. It is also a good thing to see because you will also have an idea why the impressions are low, maybe because it is posted but the advertisers are not getting anything.

  1. Great mentors

So far, they are the only platform that I see as of today who has excellent mentors and well-known CEOs

If you will look into the roster, you will see the CMO of GoDaddy. If you are familiar with it, they are providing hosting to the website owners and seeing this will make sure that they will not leave Media Protocol, low and no value results. It is also expected that the system will be fast and the website speed is also good as well.

Another mentor that attracts in the list is the Vice President and the Head of Innovation of Vice, Mark Adams. If you are also familiar, Vice is a North American digital media and broadcasting company. It might be as big as 9gag but seeing this will make sure that Media Protocol will be competitive in towards of creating content, sharing content, and making contents viral on the social media sites.

Knowing also that the company is digital, it means that the Media Protocol will be mentored well by what they can do to make their vision true.


With the rise of the different money streaming platforms, it is really hard to see which one is profitable and enjoyable. However in the case of Media Protocol, they have the two traits, and a lot of investors are expecting it to be successful in the new years or decades as of now.

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