Iconic (NIC) – An ICO Ecosystem Built on Decentralized Assurance Review

Iconic (NIC) is one of the most promising ICO (initial coin offerings) for the month of March.  The Iconic main goal is to empower business assets and ICOs through blockchain technology.  Utilizing decentralized ecosystem brings trust and trust in business is always a question. Iconic was created to solve this issue. Iconic ecosystem offers individuals a safe channel to fund an ICO without the fear of losing money and minimizing the risks of participating low-quality ICOs.

The Iconic Ecosystem

There will be three components for the iconic ecosystem. The first component is the environment or we can call it the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) itself.   The Iconic Environment connects proposed projects with potential stakeholders to participate and look into the offerings.  Next component is the Trading Phase. It acts as an aftermarket for the ICO. Active Trades of token or funding undergoes in this step. The last component of the iconic ecosystem is the Iconic Assurance.

Iconic Assurance Platform

This Iconic Assurance allows you to identify which ICO  is risky and safe to invest. It gives you peace of mind and the guarantee that a project is not a scam.  Moreover, this framework of Iconic will solve the problems on all Initial Coin offerings.  Iconic assurance also provides a platform that includes auditing tools, an arbitration panel, and escrow for the tokens.

Transparency is also one of the targets of Iconic. It allows every user or investor track important data. All of their investment and proceeding mechanisms are presented very clearly on their User-Interface. Aside from that, it provides you detailed information on what might be the next move for every blockchain based project.

External Auditors check the transactions of its users.  Users will be able to check the results of the audit. All the participants in the ecosystem will have the authority in the iconic ecosystem.
The transparency of the ecosystem will be a huge factor for the success of this project.


Pre-ICO and ICO Details

Pre-ICO of NIC tokens ended last February 20, 2018, and the price for 30,310 NIC is equal to 1 ETH.  The participants in Pre-ICO received additional 35% token. Main ICO is scheduled 05/01/2018 to  05/31/2018.  Iconic allows users to purchase 85% of the total token supply( 500,000,000) NIC during the PRE-ICO and ICO stage.  In addition, unsold tokens will be destroyed 72 hours after the main TOKEN SALE. The remaining tokens will be distributed to the team, ICO advisors and bounty programs.

Do you recommend participating in the ICO?

Iconic is one of the projects I’m recommending this year. It’s because it gives you a security of investment and risk management for your assets. The project has a great team composition and most of their advisors are already experienced in INITIAL Coin Offerings. The team has also great vision and plans for the project. Indeed, this project should be on your watchlist for this year.


Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2842376
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/joiniconic
Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/joiniconic
For Iconic Campaign: bountyhive.io/join/Iconic
Iconic Ecosystem Website: https://www.joiniconic.com
Iconic Ecosystem Telegram: https://t.me/iconic_ecosystem
Github: https://www.github.com/joiniconic/
Whitepaper: https://joiniconic.com/docs/whitepaper_EN_10.pdf
Iconic Ecosystem Twitter: https://twitter.com/joiniconic


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