Endo Protocol: The only Certified Data Verification Ecosystem

Nowadays, there are many ICOs popping out on the internet. People tend to invest in the wrong project, as a result, they lose money.  Investors who faced the incident of fraud project will no longer believe in ICO. They will be afraid of investing in a blockchain project too. However, we can reduce and find the most legitimate ICO today because I’m presenting the latest and the coolest ICO that has been ever made. Introducing ENDO Protocol!

What is Endo Protocol?

Endo protocol allows you to remove the fakes from the legitimate ones. Why? This endo protocol is made in order to create an ecosystem for verifying data from business to other user applications. Endo Protocol uses blockchain technology in their ecosystem to fight for fraud. Thus, giving its users transparency and trust. Not only that, the data verification services of endo protocol is built entirely in a decentralized manner. Meaning, the data is stored in distributed servers resulting in a safer and more secure environment.

What are the problems that Endo Protocol wishes to solve?

We all know for the fact that there are lots of problems in data management. That’s why endo protocol will have to take charge to getting rid of the problems. Here are they

  1. Data FalsificationThis problem leads to fraud, more number of forged data means more work is needed to verify documents (applies to banks, loans etc)
  2. Costly StorageHaving a huge volume of data in a server is not a good idea. That means if there huge volume of data we need to buy many servers to allocate storage for this thus, it will increase the company expenses.
  3. Centralized Data VerificationCompanies or institutions have the leverage of manipulating data. Thus, the results of each verification may be tampered or one-sided.
  4. IntegrationsIf you have a system that is not built in blockchain, then your chance of having data breach or hacking incident is very high

Endo Protocol Ecosystem

The endo protocol ecosystem consists of 5 layers, the architecture of this ecosystem is based in a decentralized manner.

  1. Blockchain + Storages
  2. Protocol
  3. Platform
  4. Applications
  5. API

Why choose the Endo Blockchain Protocol?

The Endo Protocol boasts a speed of 650000 transactions per second. It surpassed the speed of ethereum blockchain. The speed of transaction matters in this current situation because there are lots of information to be verified. These verified data will now be stored in the endo blockchain which provides a high level of encryption. It is said that this feature will mitigate hackers and drive away some sort of cyber attacks. Aside from that, all the information will be kept privately in the endo blockchain protocol giving you the assurance that your identity will be safe and sound. The data will be also sent to different blockchain in order to eliminate data disappearance.

Here is my short review about the project


In every ICO, we should always remember that doing your own research is the best option to avoid being scammed by projects. Right now, we can say that is it very difficult to choose which ICO is legitimate but with Endo Protocol, you can distinguish which ICO is Verified and Trusted.

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