Elysian ICO: Empowering E-Commerce Industry through Blockchain Technology

E-commerce has played an important role in our daily lives. With the use of it, consumers can purchase products, goods, and services through online stores. It also allows us to shop at home at any time because you can pay the goods online right away. Elysian is created in order to Empower E-commerce industry through the use of blockchain Technology.

What is Elysian?

Elysian aims to build an E-Commerce platform based on blockchain technology. It adds up more security, ease of access to the latest E-commerce industry. Not only that, this project will also help the majority of consumers because this service will be accessible online. Thus, reducing time, money and effort in looking for products.  Business entities who wish to build online store can use the platform and sell their products with ease. On the other hand, consumers can easily view the product listings using the Elysian Platform. Elysian thrives to use artificial intelligence to provide a great user experience.

What are the problems in E-commerce industry that only Elysian can solve?

The majority of E-commerce relies on processing online payments. In this regard, Elysian will help solve in securing data sent between the consumers and the merchant through blockchain technology. As a matter of fact, The platform uses smart contracts to validate transactions; this will ensure that the data are immune from data breaches. The Elysian ecosystem can also solve the problem in between the merchant and the consumer through the Atomic Swap integration. Atomic swap integration allows you to convert or swap cryptocurrency at low cost and reducing the need of middleman on the transaction. As a result, transparency, security, scalability will never be an issue in the project.

Who are the members of the project?


Elysian (ELY) ICO Details

A Token Generation Event(TGE) is conducted. The proceeds will be used in enhancing the project. Marketing, Partnerships and expansion to name a few. (ELY) token is also used as a payment in using the services of the Elysian Ecosystem. The project uses ERC 20 wallet, therefore you must have MyEtherWallet or Metamask in order to participate in the TGE. There will be a total of 1 billion ELY tokens to be created. However, only 230 Million tokens will be sold during the TGE. All Unsold tokens are burned. The hard cap for this project is 19 Million USD.

If you would like to join this Project. You must be aware of the following timelines.

The PRE-TGE will start June 4 and will end June 17.
The Main TGE will start June 18- July 8. 

Do you recommend Participating/Investing in the Project?

Absolutely yes! I believe that this project is very promising because it targets the E-commerce Industry. This industry alone has a reported revenue of 2.3 Trillion USD last year and is expected to grow up to 4.3 Trillion USD in 2021. If you invested in this project, it will give you lucrative returns. Also, the goals of this project can be easily attained because they have talented individuals. Aside from that, they have partnered with some noticeable projects already.

Don’t miss this opportunity to Participate in this project! This project will succeed with your help!

For more info:

Telegram: https://t.me/elysian_ely
BitcoinTalk Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3333050.msg34852238#msg34852238

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