Databroker Dao A Digital Marketplace for Sensor Data

Our lives have been very easy since the emergent of technology. Whether you like it or not technology plays an important role in our daily lives. Machines, computers or robotics have now the ability to reduce workloads from people. There is also an equipment that collects information through sensors. We call it sensor device. Through this device, we get sensored data.  In this ICO review, I will be talking about Databroker DAO project.


Data Broker Dao Marketplace

Would you believe that by just selling your sensored data can get you profit? Do you think that there is a need for this industry to have a specific blockchain technology? If you were to ask me, I would say yes. Databroker Dao brought us the idea of having a marketplace for sensor data. Sensor Data is set to be one of the next big things on the Internet.  It allows you to get the weather, traffic volume, and even the noise level of a certain Location. In the Databroker DAO marketplace, you can buy and sell this data or you can use it for further studies at low-cost.

Who will need these Data?

In agriculture, farmers can monitor the temperature across the country giving them the advantage what type of crops or plants should be planted during the period. Thus, increasing farming efficacy and production of agricultural products.

On the other hand, Environmental researchers can gather information collected by the sensors to evaluate or investigate environmental changes around the world. Instead of relying on centralized weather stations, researchers can get live data feed to where these sensors are installed.

Last but not the least, is that of the academic field. Universities and colleges can come up with new research projects based on the data collected by the sensors. Thus allowing them to seemingly use the information for the betterment of our livelihood and business sectors.

Databroker DAO ICO Details

About 60% of the total token supply will be sold during the PRE-ICO and ICO Stage + 5% on the early token sale. 20% of the total tokens will be reserved for the platform. On the other hand, 10% of the token total supply will be for the team members and 5% will be for referral bonuses.

Pre-ICO Price6000 DTX = 1 ETH
ICO Price4000 DTX = 1 ETH
HardCap108000000 DTX

Do you think it’s worth taking part in the Databroker Dao ICO?

Absolutely yes, the project is very feasible. Sensor data projects will be easy to implement because of the early adoption and usage of sensor equipments. This project will bring you enormous return as long as they will stick to their plan or roadmap.  Participate in the ICO now!

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