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What does it take to have a successful project? To have a successful project, you must have enough funds to start. The funds will be used for the development of the project and also for marketing campaigns. Just like in ICO, startups, and blockchain projects are created through fund-raising. Cryptfunder is a decentralized platform for funding of ico startups and blockchain projects.

Not only that, it also ensures that only qualified project is able to run fundraising campaigns.  Through the use of their expert analysts, they can decide which project is accepted in the platform. The criteria for the selection includes the team members, the real-life application of the project and the potential market value. In exchange for the funding, Cryptfunder will need Pre-ICO tokens from the companies. Cryptfunder is built on Ethereum Blockchain thus, it ensures scalability, transparency, and security.

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CryptFunder ICO Details

Token SymbolCFND
ICO Price0.003 ETH/CFND
AcceptingBTC ETH
Soft Cap3,000 ETH
Hard Cap60,000 ETH
Whitelist/ KYCNone
RestrictedUSA, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands

The token symbol for the CryptFunder ICO will be CFND. Each token can be purchased using ETH or BTC. Each participant is required to signup for an account in order to buy tokens. On the other hand, there will be a total of 40,000,000 million tokens to be created and half of these will be available at the token sale. The ICO Crowdsale will start May 25, 2018 9pm UTC.

Why use Cryptfunder?

The use of cryptfunder saves you time money and effort because you can easily apply for funding campaign online. Since it is built on the blockchain, all the information and data transferred are made privately and will not be stored on a server. Aside from that, it reduces the risks of failed icos as it acts as a consulting agency.  

Do you recommend investing in the ICO?

If you were to ask me whether to invest in this ico or not, I would say you must invest in this ICO. I believe that the project has a valid use case because it removes the middleman in creating a fundraising campaign. This project has a strong vision and also a clear objective based on their whitepaper. Finally, they have a good marketing plan as they are highly recognized from noticeable publications like Gizmodo,, Techcrunch, and BuzzFeed. Don’t Miss this ICO! Join Now.



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