Carboneum Review: A one of a kind Social Trading Platform

Cryptocurrencies have been a popular topic on the internet for quite some time. It opens a lot of opportunity to the people around the crypto world. Why? because some people had already gathered their profit from cryptocurrency. I say “some people” because investing in this digital currencies are very complex. You should learn how it works and what to do with this things in order to profit. Introducing Carboneum.

What is Carboneum then?

Carboneum aims to build a decentralized social trading platform. This trading platform will be called Coin radars. Our traditional trading platform is a little bit odd. User-interface is complex, therefore;people will choose not to invest in that platform. However, in the carboneum social trading platform, people with easily pour their money in because the platform offers an easy to understand and not to fancy trading platform. Investors and traders who intend to use the platform will have peace of mind. Aside from that,  investors/beginners will have the opportunity to copy trading styles of leader traders inside the platform. Thus, making everyone happy while earning money.

What are the problems that Carboneum will solve?

One of the most problems that carboneum wishes to solve is the transparency and security of assets.
Carboneum makes it easy to show transactions inside the platform. You have the key to your own digital assets. If you want to look at your recent transactions you can make sure that all of them are listed in the carboneum platform. Not Only that, The Safety Belt feature of carboneum makes it set an automatic stop-loss for any trades. It is triggered when the price reaches a certain pre-set price. This feature is designed to minimize the loss of investors. Thus, allowing you to relax at your time without frequent monitoring of your position.


Why Choose Carboneum?

Carboneum is easy to use, even without any trading knowledge you can win trades easily because you can copy expert traders. This makes beginners to take a shortcut in trading and minimizing the risks of losing your profit too. Carboneum is also a decentralized social trading platform, it allows you to reduce the risk of data manipulation, price changes and also the monopoly of profits. This is due to the fact that carboneum offers mitigation for attacks and account security. Carboneum uses high-end technology in order to resolve this issue.

Final Verdict

With the carboneum social trading platform, it simplifies your life. It gives you a good entry into the crypto world without any further knowledge. If you are interested in joining the ICO you can start joining their ICO Campaign at

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