Bloc.Money: Secure, Fast, Egalitarian and POW based on Cryptonight

What is Bloc.Money? Bloc.Money is a new and revolutionized project that believes in Secure, Private, Egalitarian and Decentralized Cryptocurrency. This project is made by professionals in order to empower the financial industries. It uses blockchain technology in order to remove the needs of the third party to validate transactions. Aside from that, the transactions are faster than the banks.

Why Choose Bloc. Money?


Bloc.Money is Secured. No banks can seize and trace your money.  If you wanted to send and receive transactions it will be verified by distributed consensus and then immutably recorded on the blockchain.


The money spent and receive will be untraceable, thus giving you the assurance that all of your assets are confidential in nature.

Fast Transaction Speed

Bloc money is 5x faster than bitcoin. The block time of Bloc money is 120 seconds. You can be sure that your transactions are easily transferred within few minutes.

Would you Recommend Bloc.Money?

Bloc.Money gives us the new concept for the cryptocurrency. I absolutely recommend this project because they have a lot of plans for this project. Take a look at their roadmap


You can currently trade Bloc.Money(Bloc) on Altex.Exchange with the following Trading Pairs BTC/BLOC, XMR/BLOC.

Additional Info About the project

Bitcointalk Ann Thread:…
Telegram Channel:
Telegram Group: http://join%20bloc%20telegram%20group/


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