3 Things Why You Should Try Media Protocol

It is very unlikely for most of the companies to offer a revenue from content publishers and consumers, what are they offering? Let’s check it out.

  1. Earning tokens for free

This is one of the hardest platforms to trace, something that gives us worth a living. In Media Protocol, the person has a power to earn money just be watching videos, reading articles, or sharing the content that they love. It might sound fishy, but it is true and even me from the first place doubted it and now that I tried it, it really works.

  1. Good platform to waste time

I am emphasizing the Media Protocol, as a platform which you can enjoy like Facebook but doesn’t pay you like Facebook. If you are tired after your work or you are so done with your day, watching videos on the platform or sharing it will earn you a dollar. Remember, this is not a drill!

It is like a third generation Youtube + Facebook + Media website all in one, plus earning bucks! Furthermore, it will be easier for you especially the company is at the early stage to join and benefit. Most of the successful people trying something from the start because if it works, the time that they wasted and the money they gain will grow as well.

Look at Airbnb, if you only invested 200 bucks on their company, you are already a millionaire as of today. If you look at Bitcoin, they also break the record for reaching more than 20,000 dollars last year. As what can I see about Media Protocol, it seems that they have that potential to be a platform to be used for more than millions in the next few years ago.

  1. Well presented

A lot of experts are always saying that before engaging into any stuff that you are seeing on the internet, make sure that all of its looks are professional, make sure that they do not leave anything that is suspicious because they do not make their customers doubt, right? That is the good thing about Media Protocol, they stated all of the necessary pieces of information on their website, the site is also secured which is approved by Google it means.

Furthermore, it also has a whitepaper for the references, terms, and conditions, and also the risks of using it plus the benefits all in all. Based on my experiences, you can only count in your hands the companies that are very honest to their customers and revealing all the things they need.

They also have a great website design and the things that the consumers need is well placed and widely visible.


It is really good to see that this kinds of the platform are now offering money for their users. Way back decades ago, there is no system something like this. Instead, the money is really hard to earn but in this newly created platform, it will not be impossible for you to make money for your living.


Important LINKS

Website – https://www.mediaprotocol.org/
Whitepaper – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3396313.new#new
Ann Thread – https://www.mediaprotocol.org/papers/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram – https://t.me/Media_Protocol_Community

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